Crème Couture Bridal Covid-19 Policy

As cities and businesses reopen, we want you to know nothing is more important than YOUR health/safety while visiting our Boutique. Every decision we make is with that in mind. The following are the procedures that we will ask you to follow.


If you answer yes to any of the following, we ask that you reschedule your


1. I have travelled outside Canada in the last 2 weeks.

2. I have chills, fever, runny nose, fatigue, inability to catch breath, loss of taste or smell.

3. I have come in contact with someone who is sick, has travelled outside Canada, or is awaiting COVID-19 test results.

4. The same rules will apply to Crème Couture Staff.

All customers and guests must please bring and wear a face mask that covers their nose and mouth.

Face masks must be worn at all the times when in the Boutique.

• We ask that anyone coming into the Boutique sanitize their hands. We provide hand sanitizer. There are many bottle scattered throughout the boutique for everyone's use. Help yourselves; it's there for everyone's safety!

• On entering the Bridal Gown room of our Boutique we ask you remove your outdoor shoes. You are welcome to bring your own socks or slippers with you for your comfort; we do have slippers should you choose to use ours.

• All staff, brides, and guests will abide by the government mandate of physical distancing and remain 6 feet apart whenever possible. The only exception will be made for the bride and their consultant in the fitting room and when necessary
outside it.

• On entry to the Boutique we ask that you take special care to maintain this distance especially when another party is leaving the room you are entering.

• Your bridal consultant will escort you and your guests into The Gown Room where you will be taken to your “Bubble". We ask that your guests stay within this allocated space at all times.

• We want you to enjoy the beauty of our gowns. They will be all around you in the Gown Room and in the Formal Wear Boutique side. We ask that you, as tempting as they are, resist the urge to touch them. Whatever is touched has to be disinfected. This will mean it has to be taken off the show room floor for a period.

• We will need to monitor the number of people in the Boutique. Return bridal appointments, gown pick up appointments, and alterations appointments are limited to TWO people. This means the Bride plus ONE(1) guestFirst time Bridal appointment numbers will be agreed on when the appointment is made.

Bridesmaids appointments are limited to a total of FOUR people. This means the Bride plus THREE(3) guests. Others can join via Zoom or video chat, or come in at their own separate scheduled appointment time.

• Immune-compromised persons are asked to contact the store directly at 519-763 2011 to schedule an appointment so that alternate arrangements can be made.

Appointment times will be adhering to a strict schedule to allow for proper disinfecting of rooms, dresses, accessories, etc between customers. We ask that you are punctual to your appointment. This will allow for us to disinfect the changing rooms, dresses, accessories, etc between customers:

◦ New Bridal appointments are scheduled for 2 hours
◦ Return Bridal appointments are scheduled for 1 hour
◦ New Bridesmaids appointments are scheduled for 1.5 hours
◦ Comeback Bridesmaids appointments are scheduled for 1 hour
◦ Gown Pick ups are scheduled for 30 minutes
◦ Accessory appointments are scheduled for 1 hour

Because of the limited amount of People we are allowed into the Boutique,
we are limiting our appointments to ensure that YOU our customer has the best experience possible with those you love around you. Please we ask, PLEASE don’t no-show to an appointment. We cannot fill your appointment space in the moment, so please give us time to offer your appointment to another person.


Thank you for taking the time to read this , we so do look forward to giving you the most memorable experience in our Boutique.